Archive and Upload

Tell HQ you’re done!

Finish Event

This is the very last step you should perform on the server, and it’s the one step your HQ support person has probably been dying for you to do for the last half hour. Before doing this ensure your Awards are completed, and contact your HQ support person and ask if there’s any other tasks to perform before completing the final Event Upload using the Event Wizard. Once you complete the upload step, it’s a pain to go back and do anything else as this completes and closes out the event.

  1. If, and only if, the support person gives you the go-ahead, perform the “Upload Event Data” step by clicking the button.

  2. Hold on when it says it’s done !! The HQ Support team needs to verify that they received the upload. Support may need to remote into the system to perform a backup manually if the operation fails, so please don’t run away and leave.

  3. Once they’re done, and have verified that everything is good, you can close all applications and log off and shut down the Scorpion server.

  4. Assist with Field Pack-out, if possible.

Thank YOU!